We’re a Cintas Canada’s Best Restroom Contest Finalist!

If you’ve ever stopped by Sweet Market Esso, there’s a good chance you’ve been surprised at the sight of our restrooms – featuring sparkly chandeliers, elegant art, Italian tiles and granite counter tops, they are definitely not your average gas station’s washrooms. 

So why did we create glamorous washrooms inside of a convenience store? The answer is simple: we believe that you (yes, you!) deserve the best. When you’re on a road trip, you deserve a clean, comfortable place to stop.  As we like to say, “we do things differently, and different is good!”

This year our unexpectedly luxurious restrooms are a finalist in the Cintas Canada’s Best Restroom Contest. Running alongside washrooms from across the country, we’ve been blown away by the support we’ve received over the past few weeks. Now, we need YOU to keep voting (just click here) for Sweet Market Esso so we can be crowned the winner: tell your friends and family, share the news with your social network, and vote, vote, vote! 

Want to learn more? Check out these awesome articles:

1. Among top five: Central Alberta gas station could win Canada’s best restroom contest

“And the handicapped stall features a special glass door that’s transparent when no one is occupying the cubicle. But as soon as someone enters, the glass “frosts” over for privacy . . .” 

2. Red Deer Restroom just might be the loveliest lavatory in Canada!

“Clearly the Sweet Market Esso’s palatial potties are the most beautiful, but that does not make it the clear cut winner.  The Sweet Market will need Central Albertans to rally behind this luscious lavatory if they’re going to win.  This is a voting contest so you can do your part to make sure the Sweet Market Esso ‘wipes up’ the competition.”

3.  For some reason, Alberta gas stations have some of the nicest restrooms in Canada

“For reasons unknown, Alberta punches well above its weight in the annual Canada’s Best Restroom sweepstakes, with lavatories in the province having won the last three years in a row. Premier Jason Kenney even took time out from his otherwise busy schedule to make note of the impressive record, pointing out that this year Alberta has three locales among the top five finalists.”

4. Gasoline Alley gas station up for Canada’s best Washroom Award

“The washrooms at Sweet Market Esso boast decorative high-end tiles and five-star finishes, giving the restrooms a classy feel, mimicking a fancy hotel suite in Italy rather than a convenience store restroom,” says a release from Cintas Canada, which runs the annual contest.”

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